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Become a Flow Aventeur

We've created a lightweight sniping tool that will elevate the UFC Strike and NFLAllDay marketplace experience.

Aventeur Dashboard

The Aventeur dashboard enables moment collectors to receive real time data on moments that are available on the marketplace within seconds of it being listed.


Sales Indicator

Aventeur live listings provides an easy to understand dashboard with indicators if a moment is still available or not. Green = Available. Red = Sold.


Polling Rates

Aventeur provides adjustable polling rates giving users the ability to receive live listings faster than any competitors. To adjust polling rates go to the Configuration tab and adjust the polling interval setting.


Moments Checklist

Aventeur makes it easy to manage your collections with a detailed overview of what you own and what you still need to acquire.


Active Moment Sales

After binding your wallet to Aventeur, you'll be able to check your own collection and also track all of your active listings.

Download Aventeur

Aventeur is free to use!

Go ahead and download Aventeur for free and start exploring Flow Blockchain with us.

You will need .NET6 runtime in order to run Aventeur.